At Shubha Harati Manpower P.Ltd.(SHM) we believe that proper manpower can ensure an exponential growth of client. By completely understanding client's need we thereby provide a professional approach ensuring that the right person is recruited for the right job at right time.

SHM has its own pool of qualified applicants from which an immediate available list of applicants be drawn.Thus, it can provide quick response to requests of employers.


We start by short listing of CVs to meet client's specifications and requirements. We closely review applicant's physical appearance, I.Q & attitude.  We forward a complete set of CVs of candidates to clients for their review and evaluation, if required.
Through this and advertising through most widely circulated newspapers and through the network of our agents, we are in a position to cater a wide range of manpower requirements.


We conduct preliminary interviews in order to ascertain the capacity of applicants.  
Upon the receipt of confirmed job orders and detailed job descriptions of required categories, we undertake selection procedure by conducting preliminary personal interview duly verifying the candidates' education, professional qualification and past experience. The stringent selection procedure adopted by us ensures that we deliver exactly what our clients require.


The CV's of specially be fitting candidates with our recruiting managers' remarks are then forwarded to the clients for their approval.

After the approval and on receipt of the authenticated documents from the clients, the selected candidates are sent to our accredited Medical Clinic/Hospital for medical test includes Blood Test, Chest X Ray, Urine & Stool or any other kind of examination that might be specially requested by the Client. The client is informed to process the visa accordingly. We also attend passport formalities such as endorsement of passport in order to fulfill visa requirements if need arises.


We take care of introducing the client’s company, their employment package and benefits, rules and regulations, country's culture, customs and traditions, do's and don'ts and relevant laws to successful candidates.


To ensure prompt service, we arrange air tickets of the selected candidates and mobilize them at the earliest under prior intimation to the client.
After the physical dispatch of candidates, we maintain continuous co ordination with the client.


The candidate’s flight schedules are forwarded to their respective employers three days in advance. Employers should immediately notify of any changes.

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